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A perfect description for what we achieve in the broken communities of Cambodia and Myanmar.

Restore Homes
Restore Schools
Restore Health
Restore Jobs


Describes our dedicated, local approach to community development.

One Family
One Business
One School
One Community
Tanya Lawrence, Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator

Tanya recruits and supervises volunteers for Restore One trips to Cambodia and the Thailand/Myanmar border.

As a trained nurse who grew up in Fiji, her compassion and love for other cultures has been an asset in this role.

She first visited Cambodia in 2007 to help build a school, and says that she was “hooked” on the country from day one. A born organiser, she has been leading successful trips ever since.

Tanya is married to Tim, and is proud Mum to Jess, Kristiarne and Paris.

“My philosophy is that everyone has something to give. Our trips enrich the lives of everyone involved, from the volunteers to the people we help. It's truly inspiring to be a part of it.”

Greg Allen, Program Manager
Program Manager

Greg is responsible for Restore One's building and agricultural initiatives.

With a background in construction, property development and agriculture, Greg was inspired by reading the stories of others who used their practical skills to help those in need.

His wealth of experience has enabled Restore One to tackle the massive challenges of community building in impoverished areas.

“A few years ago I decided to 'do my bit'. I now know that 'my bit' will not end in my lifetime. Once you start work in these areas, the desire to continue, and to inspire others, is just too strong.”


Sokhun Prok, Project Coordinator
Project Coordinator

Sokhun works closely with Greg and Tanya, directly overseeing Restore One projects on location.

A trained Christian pastor, Sokhun was inspired to serve others after the poverty he experienced growing up in the brutal aftermath of the “Killing Fields” era in Cambodia.

He is the chief link between Restore One and the communities it serves.

His sense of duty and devotion to changing lives have made him a driving force in the organisation.

“I grew up in a rural area with no local school, no clean water, no proper shelter. Today so many people are still in this same situation, which touches my heart and motivates me to make a difference.”

Who are we?

What is Restore One?

Why are we in this village?

Please enjoy this short video that explains who we are, and why we do what we do. If you feel inspired to join us, please contact Tanya and see where you can help.

August 2015