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Never underestimate the difference your generosity can make!

Our commitment is to use all donated funds wisely and with integrity.

Build a home with Restore One
Build a Home

Families are often living in homes that provide no shelter from the rain, especially in the wet season (6 months of the year). The cost is $4,500 for a basic solid house on poles, which allows the family to keep dry in the wet season. Many of our generous donors come to Cambodia as part of a team to help construct the house, in collaboration with local tradesmen.

Sponsor a school
Sponsor a School

In rural Cambodia, quality education is often a privilege, not a right. You can help change this by supporting a classroom. It costs AUS$1,000 per month for the teachers' wages. Get together with a group of friends to support a classroom for a year or a season. This is a gift that truly changes lives.

Corporate support
Corporate Support

Restore One offers specialised team-building corporate trips. The projects are centred around the skills of the attending individuals, eg. building and construction, or healthcare. These trips can be tailored as work performance incentives. A great opportunity to increase team cohesion and make a difference in the lives of many people!

Volunteer with Restore One

This is an amazing opportunity to explore and experience Cambodia. You will assist with our village projects as well as connecting with the wonderful Khmer people. Most team trips are based on a 2 week schedule. During this time we balance the hard work with fun times, including an exceptional tourist visit to the famous Angkor Wat temples.

If you are thinking about coming on a trip with us, please watch the following video

This fun video is a description of the essential elements of our Volunteer Agreement 2017.

Why not come on a trip with us?

Download our Volunteer Agreement here

Please note that some prices have changed since the production of this video. The new prices will be in the Volunteer Agreement.

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A general donation will be used where it is most needed at the time. Please inform us if you wish for a donation to be used for a specific project.



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